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    Default WOW, where to begin

    I been battling health troubles for the post 7 years. I had doctors, family all didn't believe me. I was alone and scared, my health got worst last couple years to the point I went out looking for answers. I did view Lupus and other diseases and I know I didn't have Lupus. I didn't have the rash or other sign. I was the one that come up with MS. I went to a nuro in 2011 did a second MRI and a C-spain. Come back Neg however there was Demyelinating disease. How is this not a red flag, I got all of my medical records and from 03 to now Red and white blood count Abnormal. I view my 2010 record and my Ex doctor label me with bipolar, BPD just to know a few. I know that when ant doctor seen that, they will think I am crazy. I was very angry, and yes I did call that sorry (Beep) up and asked why did you lie. No responded, anywhys I contacted a Rhumy just to rule out lyme, lupus ETC. I showed up April 21, and he told me I don't have fibro or lupus. He took 7 tubes of blood (Big, med, and small ones) and on May 2st he called me up ( Which that should have been the first sign, I never spoke to a doctor just nurse) and told me he was shocked and run the test twice. Both times come up as Pos Lupus, He set me up to see a nuro on the 31st of this month. But I was in shocked and I cried. I felt so alone, what is this? Am I going to die? All of these thoughts run and I am doing better now but still learning the ropes.

    But this Lupie hide for too long and drive me crazy and Lupie must have laughed within myself. Knowing I got those looks and talk. My family still don't believe that is sad. But I am on meds, won't work for two months but I be ok. I am glad to found a group to come to and vent or cry.
    Thank you all
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