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Thread: Hello..... my hubby found this site last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanc Hogan View Post
    Thank you all for writing to me. I am sad and mad..... I am mad because I have suffered with all kinds of symptoms that should have lead my doctor to testing for Lupus. Just from the information here and at a few medical sites, I see things that my doc should have recognized my problems as leaning towards a diagnosis of Lupus. I am crying and very angry right now. I have looked into the eyes of my family, employer/ co-workers, friends and medical / hospital staff and seen their disbelief in my symptoms. I have known that they think that I am a hypochondriac, prescription drug abuser, constant complainer seeking attention, poor employee who abuses sick leave and vacation policy, and much, much more. I've done everything I can to conceal my pain, my problems, my embarrassment, my shame, so as not to disappoint others. I've taken on things I prayed I could do, only to fail and feel stupid and careless, sickly and worthless. My whole life changed the last ten years. I went from this super woman, multi-tasker who could do it all... to this sad, slow, scared, failure who has actually thought that it might be easier to pass away from an illness then fight on through this life. (Don't get me wrong, I am NOT suicidal, just tired of disappointment others and myself. I haven't seen the specialist yet..... I'm sure that will give me a bright side to see, right now, I'm just sad and mad, but thankful for finding support on here. Nancy
    Hello Nancy,

    Your like me in a way mad about them not taking bloods just one step furthur, i started feeling affects from my raynauds at 5yrs old constantley cold, then at 14yrs old started having autissum i'd do thing's and had'nt got a clue what i'd done, then at 18yrs 2 lots of seizure's broke out, then in my early 20's to bad strokes which layed me up for 4yrs then bad DVT and loads more but it was'nt till 4yrs back when my skin broke out and went bad that my dermo did some blood test's and told me i had raynauds, then refered me onto is client in rheumo and loads of bloods and x-rays was done and bingo i have what you see in my signature A1 Diseases over lapping Autoimmune Diseases and then i'm told i was born with it because i have to see a psychiatrist for my manic depression his words was you have good grounds for taking them for neglect but i can't be bothered because just rising from my bed each morning is enough for me to cope with never mind anything else.

    You'll most likely need time off work alot of member's have to and i'm 42 and used to be quite active 4yrs ago and now my lifes at such a slow pace it's unbelieveable and the amount of crying i do i mays well work for severn trent and supply people's water.

    Just remember this YOUR NEVER ALONE and come on when your down and vent away, at least your with people who care and who are going through the same as yourself.

    ~Hugs & Kisses to you~ Terri xxx
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