I'm Kevin
My Wife Nancy was just diagnosed with Lupus. Previously she was told she had Fibromialgia because of the pain and crazy sleeping hours she's been experiencing. I was not convinced and thought she had become addicted to Vicaden. She also has had a Stomach bypass for weight loss and I think that she is undernourished and dehydrated due to days and days of diarea.
But all that changes today now that we have a diagnoses. We aren't sure how we should feel about it.....primarily because we have only begun to study on the web about what Lupus is. The diagnoses came after a series of blood and stool samples were given and we got the diagnoses by phone. She is to see her rumitologist who also will have just found out. Hopefully She can get somke help to get some control back in her life./
Nancy just had her 62nd Birthday on the 25th, I am 55. I guess that's all you need to knolw for the moment. I look forward to, learning as much about this disease as I can and some tips for dealing with it in out lives.