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Thread: Saw Gyno about polyps and operation to stop me bleeding (It helps lady member's)

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    Thumbs up Saw Gyno about polyps and operation to stop me bleeding (It helps lady member's)

    I'm adding this thread as it helps lady member's on the site who i've come across who bleed like myself besides having periods.
    I went and saw the surgeon this morning in the gyno department and showed him my period dates and they're all over the place and he nodded his head.
    I was took through and filled of fluid for the internal scan to see if i had a polyps, i do have one in the lining of the cervix but the internal scan was done where i had my biopsy and it felt like a large knitting needle going in me, i went and empted myself of the fluid and bleeding started again which they said i would have for a few days.
    I went back in and spoke with the surgeon and signed a consent form for the operation for the (Novasure) operation and while he does that he'll remove the polyps.
    He's doing full anesthetic because of my seizure's instead of local and the operation usually takes 30-45mins to do but he told me i'll be in their 2hrs having both done.
    Once the operation is done i will never see a period again, as it burns the uterus out so when a period is due on a woman there's nothing for the uterus to lose and my pre-op is on the 24th may to test my heart and blood pressure etc and he's then adding me to the short list for the operation.
    He said the bleeding needs stopping because of my anaemia.

    I'm pleased about this because i feel something's finally happening at least in one department and he was a lovely surgeon to speak with.
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