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Thanks Terry, sorry for moaning.

I would like to announce that despite alcohol making me feel nauseous of late, I am at this present moment in time, drinking a glass of red wine, I shall have two glasses and deal with the nausea later, but for now it is a mighty fine muscle relaxant, although why alcohol has started to make me feel sick and dizzy I do not know but it sure works on pain. I am a cheap date though, two glasses and I am anyones.

Work was awful, this head dragon in the office who has made several people cry, well the office manager told me today that 'everyone is scared of her' and I replied 'I give people respect but cross the line with me and we have a problem and at 43, I am too old to be scared of anybody' - well she and my other colleague looked horrified that I wouldnt be scared of head dragon, so no doubt that will be noted when my trial is up.

Scared of the possibility of having lupus - yes, scared of losing my marbles and freedom - yes, but scared of a tubby short mobile cat scratch post (she scratches her own face when stressed and reminds me of a cat scratch post), no way.

Who would like a glass of wine? My treat.
Hello Sam,

Yo ah moaning mate, just explaining how you feel...none of we look at one another as moaning.

All i can say just take the drinking of the wine slowly and drink water in between to keep your system flushed out, i hate water but i have to drink it sometimes in between drinking tea to help my body and organs and it may help the nausea.
I used to love my whisky but when the SLE started progressing i knocked it on the head as it upset my system bad and i felt like throwing it and i thought to myself i'd rather do without but in my eyes everyone to their own...i enjoy a fag and that alone helps me cope.

Good job your married mate if your anyones after 2 glasses that's the best i've heard.lol

You always get one in an office or anywhere really and i should think at 43 it wow bother you and also stand up for yourself because at our age we're abit hold in the tooth for that nonsense.

That's what i was pointing out when you mentioned knowing if you had an A1 Disease Lupus ah fun for any of we and if it comes you don't have it count yourself lucky and overjoyed as i would be i definitely know that.

Thanks for the offer on the wine but no thanks mate can't stand the stuff.lol

You takecare and all my love Terry xxxx