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Thread: Feeling a bit frightened - waiting for diagnosis

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    Your welcome because we're all in the same boat but your wondering why not a facial rash because it can creep up on you out the blue, i was ok before we moved area's 4yrs ago and 2wks after moving full blister's broke out on my face and the neighbours said it could have been the worry of moving, then when that moved i had a rash develope all over my body that was identical to ring worm but not pronounced and in the end my GP sent me to a Dermo and told me i had ezcema, took bloods and when i saw him again he told me i had inheditery psoriasis, then the next year a full blown pain in my right elbow, apparentley that was a tennis elbow and one night i'm sitting and full pain in my left hip with shooting pain, my hubby thought it might be sciatica was it hell, it was all this lot and in 3yrs it's progressed like mad i'm 43 coming on 90 that's how it makes me feel.
    When i told you to come on and type your feeling's because depression is the main kick off for Lupus or any immune diseases, well me being a manic depression does'nt help.
    Your being send to a immunologist is because they deal with immune disorders, i'll add some info on what they do in abit to help you because it's all about helping one another.

    Watch the sun though because it will affect your body and if i'm out in it for roughly 10mins i go like you feel bad headaches, sickness but i've learnt my lesson's with to many out breaks on the skin the shades the best for just a limited amount of time.

    Well i had loads of bloods done plus x-rays and i was glad to know what i was suffering before that my head was all over the place and refering your hubby if your in an happy marriage like me, my hubby does more now and i used to think i was doing his head in constantley on about it but he told me the other day i just wished i could take it from you that's what hurts but he's told me to chat away and the member's will understand best thing i did joining WHL.

    Your sentences will sound backwards, you speech can go slurred it all comes from the foggyness of the brain and while typing this i'm having to check my spelling it's pure MADNESS what it does to you.

    Terri xxx
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