HI Everyone, I am new here. Been on an RA forum for a while but my Rheummy is talking more towards lupus. I was wondering if anyone else has this symptom...or even if it's at all related to lupus...But A few weeks ago I got a purple lump, about the size of a pea...on my hip (in a stretch mark). It looked like a blood blister at first. It turned more red colored an is still...just...there. I went to my PCP and he said it was a purpura...but didn't have a clue as to why. I also got a bunch of little bruises on my thighs at the same time about 8 in all...they all were about 1/4 inch and began black/purple and then faded as a bruise usually does. The bump thing is still there...and I just got a weird lump on the side of my nose(on the outside) It's pink and not a pimpy(my kids term for a zit ). Neither dr seems to care...I don't either really except that they are ugly...Just wondering if it's something lupus-ie or not. Thanks, Junebug