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Thread: Ohhh the amount of pain today.

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    Default Ohhh the amount of pain today.

    Today has been an emotionally taxing day. This week has been as well but especially today. I've been up since 7am and it is now 12am... Which is a very long day for me. It may be normal for some but this girl here does not function on that long of a day. It has been stressful and emotional and long. I watch a 2 year old which was the easy part for two hours. I got my tires changed. I realized one of my stones out of my engagement ring was missing. I freaked out about that. Then I cried. I didn't sleep well last night. Oh the list goes on and on. I am just at my limit and my body hates me for it. I literally can't tell what on my body hurts because it all feels like it hurts. I'm exhausted... And I am going to take a epsom salt bath for the aches and pain and then go to sleep for hopefully a good ten hours and hopefully wake up tomorrow not feeling like my entire body hurts. Here's to hoping.

    Hope you all are having a more positive day then me

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    Sounds like you are on the road to de-stress. You can do it. Baby steps will get you there.

    Hugs and good thoughts,

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    Have a good bath, and the more you stress about not sleeping, the more you don't sleep.
    Get yourself a really boring book - that should do the trick
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    Oh Honey I am so sorry! I know that many do not believe in antidepressants/anti anxiety meds but for many of us they are a vital part of our getting closer to normal. I never thought I would be one that took them and most likely wouldn't have had I not come to understand that just like this disease messes with our body it messes with our mind. From brain fog to seizures we understand that our mind is affected and since our moods are often decided by the brain it often needs help as well. I would seriously talk to the doctor about them if only for a short while so you can get other things stabilized.

    I hope you get to feeling better. I will be thinking of you

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