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Thread: the strange things that come with lupus

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonusMom View Post
    In addition to SLE, I also have Sjogren's Syndrome. As a result, I don't produce enough saliva to dilute the acid in my stomach which leads to horrible GERD and gastritis. If I don't take a daily dose of Aciphex I'm vomiting bile all day/night, regardless of what I've eaten.

    I know how you feel about the sjogren's having it myself, making no saliva a dryed out gullet pain while swallowing and i get the bile at night time.
    When i told the blood specialist about this lot and what it was causing his question was hows your heart at the moment, getting any chest pain and around your heart i told him yes and asked him why and got no reply. (That totally does my head in)

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    Hi Everyone, I came in because I may have lupus. My aunt had it and I just googled can gastritis be caused by lupus and it brought me to your site so that I can search it's wealth of imformation! Oops confusing sentence but I just got out of the hospital this morning and went into the ER yesterday. So forgive me =)..I'm happy to be here and hope to meet people and gather information!

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