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    Default Brain Fog

    Is there anything to help with the Brain Fog? She isn't on any medications yet... we see the specialist in June.

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    Hi there,

    That is a tough question and the answer is "sometimes". Sometimes we can't do anything to help it but there are things that can make it worse (if that makes sense). Sun exposure can make it (and many of our symptoms) worse. Sun exposure sounds like an easy thing to fix but it isn't just the sun. Any UV lighting makes many of us worse. I for one can't go in the sun or any store/office with florescent lighting without taking precautions. I have to cover all skin in high SPF sunscreen, a hat, long sleeves, sunglasses.. you get the idea. There is a sticky about photosensitivity that might be worth reading.

    Another thing that makes it worse is lack of sleep/getting overly tired. That too is difficult because sometimes the fatigue is so extreme that you aren't sure what "enough sleep" is. Even on the medications certain things will still make her feel bad. Each of us is different but asking questions as you are and paying attention to how her body responds to things, ya'll will figure out what things make her worse.

    Others will be along with other information but that is all I have due to major brainfog issues LOL

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