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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinmama View Post
    Hi, i am 30 years old, live in Hamilton, Ontario(Canada) and I have been diagnosed with Lupus just a month ago. so I'm still trying to cope with this new diagnoses. They told me that my Lupus is related to Ulcerative Colitis which I have been living with for 9 years now.
    A month ago I had absolutely no idea what Lupus was, and today....well I am learning new things every day.
    What puzzles me now is that my family DR. didn't figure out what was going on with me and took her months to send me to Rheumatologist. I told her all my symptoms and it was as if I copied it from a book or a website(now I know it). Here is a list of symptoms I kept complaining about:
    Arthritis pain ( very bad) which they tested me for rheumatoid arthritis
    my whole body was in pain (muscles, joints, skin, scalp, face)
    very bad headaches 24/7 (took painkillers every 4 hours for 2 months straight which helped only sometimes)
    chest pain
    shortness of breath
    low grade temperatures
    rash on my eyelids
    EXTREME fatigue
    and more minor symptoms like sensitivity to light etc.
    and I didn't mention hair loss and ulcers in my mouth and other area because I didn't know it could be related.
    I did tell her I was more irritated and depressed, etc.(which they are still not treading me for)
    I had pneumonia and sinus infection pretty bad and no antibiotics doctor was confused, and didn't even mention Lupus..she had no idea so finally sent me to Rheumatologist. he sent me for a bunch of blood tests and I had an answer.

    I'm happy that I didn't find out about my lupus like some other people on this website. With hospitalization due to heart-attacks etc.
    It's heartbreaking reading other people's stories.
    Hello Twinmama,

    Welcome to our large family of the WHL and it's lovely to have you with us and to share your experiences.

    I'm so pleased your learning all about Lupus because it can be a shock to the system and i hope the threads are helping in so many ways.

    I was diagnosed 3yrs ago but was actually born with it and over the years had alot go on and now with the Lupus trying to cope as well but like yourself i have swelling of the joints and they go inflammed/headaches/chest pain & lung pain [Lupus can cause the muscles of the lungs to swell and i'm on 3 different inhaler's a day]freezing cold of the raynauds/extreme fatigue/ foggy head/ hair loss/ manic depression & that's the worst symptom for causing it to trigger.

    All of us on the site suffer like your doing, alot master it so well and some not so good but it's all down to the person themselves.

    ~Hugs Terri~ xxx

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