well i was brought up christian but i am bit of a mixture i believe that there is a god but i believe he comes to everyone in different ways in different religions or just throu people in our lives but i also am very spritual to i believe in guradian angels and that we can communicate with our loved ones in heaven! and i have actually only experienced it recently while i was away i came back from my holiday saturday and it was the 4 year anniversary of my dads death sunday and whilst we were i bleive my dad came to both to me and my partner on 2 seprarate occassions both at the same time early hours of the morning whilst i got up for a wee! first to my other half and then 2 days later to me! it was great so peaceful and heart warming know he was there with us!

but i also do believe there are people out there that use religion in a bad way interperating them to use in evil ways! so i try to keep myself to myself when it coems to religion each to thier own and all xx