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Thread: tomorrow's my day with pain management doctor

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    Question tomorrow's my day with pain management doctor

    So, as suggested by my ortho I finally was able to schedule an appointment with a pain management doctor to help me deal with my AVN issues. Im going into this blind, as I know NOTHING about this doctor. I don't want to have any preconceived notions on how this should work. I don't know what to expect as far as how they will manage my pain. Any suggestions on questions or treatments that I should ask?

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    ask them what their experience is with your disease.

    ask them what kind of practice they have - how many patients in your age bracket, with your disease, how long with each patient, etc.

    ask them how they like to communicate with their patients - in office visit only, over the phone, by email.

    ask them what their succcess rate with treating your disease is.

    ask them what their philosophy of alternative medicines that you may use such as accupuncture and chirpractics and vitamin therapy is.

    ask them what their recommended course of treatment is for you.

    ask them what are the expectations and ideas about this experience you should have.

    ask them what is the next step if this plan doesn't work.
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