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Thread: Possible Lupus, Please Help Me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ltucker85 View Post
    Did you ever find out what the disorder is? This sounds a lot like mine, I get such intense burning in my hands oh it's aweful. And so far no one has been able to diagnose me.
    Just an FYI-It's unlikely you will receive a response from the author of this thread, as the thread is fairly old, and the author has not been active here for nearly two years.

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    Im sorry u are having to go thru all of this, I too know what its like to have your life totally taken from you because of a disease. I was diagnosed with lupus almost a year ago and in that year my 11year old has moved in with her dad cause I cant keep up with her busy schedule, Ive had to move out of my beautiful home(rented it out) moved in with my bf, cause i cant work enough to keep it up. I used to work at the gym, teaching spin classes, cant do that either. Im not able to even guess what you have but wanted to let you know you arent alone or crazy! Lol. In regards to the awful headaches, i get those to and the best thing i have found for them is excedrine migrain! I have much stronger pain meds but when it comes to those migraines, it works fast and doesnt leave you nauseas or sleepy.Of course check to make sure its ok to take with what your already on. Hope things get better and I hope you get answers soon! Goodluck!

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    I hope that you get the answers you's no fun!

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