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The one good and proven point this article made is that soda is not good for you. Regular soda is loaded with sugar. Diet soda has the effect of making your body hungry. Both have caffeine, chemicals and dyes in them that are not the best thing to ingest and can lead to weight gain and bloat. Water is a much better choice.
Hi Sandy,
I quite agree on your point about soda being no good for you and it's funny reading this discussion because as i was growing up my mom brought loads of cream soda as it was'nt made in Diet and when she reached her 40s a nurse she new tested her urine, as she thought she had an infection, she was shocked when she found out she was full of sugar as the years went on she still drunk pop and her insulin was all over the place and she died weighing over 14st and she was also a coffee drinker with canderel added.
I can stand fizzy drinks i'm a tea lover but i have 2 sister's who adore it.