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Thread: what about hypoglycemia?

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    Default what about hypoglycemia?

    Dear all,

    I have still no diagnosis for a pulmonary embolism with some strange symptoms. I am wondering if an AI problem can explain. I have been collecting as much pieces of the puzzle as possible. And now I have noticed that I might forgot an important one. It is a strange symptom that I forgot to mention the doctor and would like to know if it might be relevant for an AI diagnosis.

    Since some years (10?) I have some non severe hypoglicemias from time to time, especially during the morning and when I get stressed. They are not severe, I seat for a while, have a coffee with sugar and in half an hour I use to get better.

    Could this be related to some autoinmune disease?

    Thank you very much,

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    in short ... YES

    feeling low and no energy, is a usual sympton of most ai problems.

    it could also be from something unrelated.

    if your doctor is taking bloods. it will probably be checked... it usually is. as part of the full blood counts.
    i believe it is worth mentioning to your doctor.

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    Hello Federico,

    Like steve said feeling low and no energy can be a symptom of an A1 problem, plus besides lupus there's so many autoimmune diseases which can cause this also.
    Your pulmonary embolism is caused by clotting and also Deep vein thrombosis which i had a while back and Lupus can cause these symptoms and since i was diagnosed with Lupus, they've been keeping a check on me for clotting besides 75mg of asprin daily.

    You should know more of the underlining if bloods are being taken and i wish you all the best.

    Terri x

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