Hi sweetie! How are you doing? Have you managed to get any sleep? When my daughter's brainfog was at it's worst, she would take notes of whatever she was reading, yes it took longer to get through her work, but it did help. She still does this w/her college courses when she's having a hard time.
I think someone had suggested trying to see if you get a tutor to come to the house & be a home bound student. Have you tried that? You could maybe try even to have it set up so that when you feel up to it, you could go in for 1/2 days. Mia got sick beginning of her junior year and probably only spent a total of 1 semester in school during junior & senior year.
Remember, if you're having a hard time w/your teachers/counselors - they work for you. Your parents pay their salaries by paying their taxes. Don't be afraid to go above someone if they're not willing to help.
Okay, getting off my soapbox - can you tell we had a slightly hard time working through the system? LOL (((HUGS)))