My HMO doc just gave me a referrel to my RA doctor who I have only seen three times. The nurse questioned me about symptoms. I had a postivie ANA, negative electropheresis, negative agglutinins a negative on the 15 panel specific lupus tests in 2003. Then in Sept . a negative ANA. The nurse asked me my symtoms. I told her the following.....

Some mornings I crawl out of bed. Joints and muscles ach and my feet hurt so bad I do not want them to touch the floor. Sores on the top and bottom of my feet as well as very painful like blisters under the skin. Two days ago a rough red type heavy rash on my legs and bad behind my knees. The rash does not itch. Also bruising type marks on arms and lower back. These symtoms along with fatigue were extensive after a trip to the desert where I did a lot of hiking in the sunshine. I had never had any problems with the sun before.

After hearing the above she suggested perhaps I should go to a dermatologist.

Does that seem reasonable? Any input would be much appreciated.