Hi all,
Hope you all are as well as can be. Got my result's on the nmo -lgG test
my neurologist specialist ran just to make sure i didnt have this other rare
disease that the other dr's may have missed, and thank god it was negative!
It sure was a relief to hear of one test being negative in all that has been going wrong here lately! I had to ask the nurse 3 times to make sure i was hearing her correctly.
Got my bloods drawed this last fri mar 11th to make sure the imuran is not droping my counts to low also demanded a chest x-ray from my local
rummy that is not to smart with the lupus,sjogrens ,etc. As i have been haveing new very short of breath and short wended for just a very short distance, to make sure sjogrens or something else is not going on , trying to
catch it in time, becuse she just denies lupus or sjogrens can cause those kinds of problems? Even my new heart issuse with endocarditis, she said
OH! Lot's of people have regurgation of the mitrovalve and the triscupsid valve
I told her i jus had a echocardiograham of my heart 8 month's ago and it was
perfectly normal and healthy? It is usleless to argue with her so ill
wait till i see my cardiologist to see how bad it is and hope for the best that it hasent done any dammage as to where i will need surgery.
I go to see my rumatologist specialils at the university the 31st of march
and will surley get my heart dr' there that also specialises in lupus and sjogrens also, am so through with these local praticeing rumatologist here!

She also put me on the Boniva once a month as she ask why i hadent done
my reclasp infusion yet for my bones due to the predisone makeing your
bones prone to fracture, I told her i was still to sick with my flair and weak to do the infusion yet as it makes you run a 103 to 104 fever for 5 days and severe flu type symptoms, so she put me on the once a month boniva to
help me from bone breakage for now and a new stomach pill Dexilant
to help with my refulx as the boniva will aggervate it.
So I took my first boniva and have had kinda mild flu type symptoms, and severe dirrear so far , maby it wont last long.
LOL!!!!!!!!!! It dose never seem to end!!
Will keep you all updated sure hope all this slows down a bit for me,
Lot's of love to you all, And wishing you all a Great and pain free weekend,