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Thread: Under observation for SLE - Questions

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    I think it comes down to having a doctor that knows about Lupus I don't think alot of them really understand everything that goes along with lupus not just positive bloodwork hell I went years with neg results but had lupus we are all different so I hope that you get a good understanding Doc. I was told that with the 11 criteria aleast one most be a positive blood result rether it is ANA DS-DNA or what ever but one most include the bloodwork I don't know if that is still how it goes but when I called the Lupus fondation they told me the same thing. So Good Luck

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    There is a small group that has ANA negative Lupus however it is a small amount. I think where the doctors mess up is that they want all the symptoms at once. It doesn't have to be that and too many are lost because of it. Lupus is diagnosed looking at cumulative symptoms. You can have rashes at one time and the next time no rashes but mouth ulcers and a positive ANA. You still have to count the rashes even if they are not there now. If your next set of blood work comes back with negative ANA you don't forget that it was positive. You add them ALL together to get the diagnosis. Even some of the doctors that are on the Lupus Foundations list don't understand that and that is just sad!

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    Hi Bunny,

    How did your tests go and how you feeling in general please keep we updated.

    ~Hugs Terri ~xxx

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