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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancyhuntress View Post
    Not really sure where to start found out I had Lupus while my husband was overseas in 2009 only to be told they found this in 2007 go figure no one thought to tell me ... So here we are I'm in pain my joints hurt so badly I bruise like I've been beaten my eyes burn and itch so badly they are brusied as well ... My head hurts I can stay focused on any one thing no sleep is enough if you go to the drs they seem to look at me like so what you were expecting ... Am I losing my mind
    Hello Nancy,
    Welcome to the WHL and i'm really glad you've found us plus hoping the threads have also helped as there's so much going on with the condition.

    It sounds like your joints are swollen badly are you on any medication yet to help with the Lupus and swelling?? refering the bruising it's possible you may have anemia as that makes you bruise but because the bloods fluctuate so much with Lupus pin pointing condition's with Lupus itself can be so hard, it took 6mths for my anemia reading to show but you have mentioned bruising to the eyes i used to have that and i'm going back a good 6yrs and apprentley it's blood vessels bursting at the back of the eyes and it comes forward into bruising [you mays well say you've done 10 rounds how it can make you look] the itching and burning from your eyes is the Lupus have they done a paper strip test yet to see how bad your eyes are out of 10.

    Nancy let the doctor's look at you like you've come off cloud 9 but mate your the one suffering and push at them because you need more tests and medication to help you. Fight it mate.

    Luv Terri xxx
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