Just had my second visit with the rheumy, he wants me to start Paquinil as well as the Prednisone. I told him about all the new symptoms I've been having and he kind of blew me off and said they were related to the prednisone. (Hair loss, Brain fog, pain in ankles and knees) I thought these were Lupus related.
Have any of you ever taken both drugs at the same time before?
He also said they found an SAS antibody in my blood, which is related to subacute cutaneous lupus, so he doesn't think I have REAL lupus. So what is real lupus, do your major organs have to be involved? I just feel like he's not wanting to give me a proper diagnosis. I know most of you have gone through this, but just wanted to rave. Thanks

Hatlady, I showed your reply to my boys and they have been helping out alot more this week, my oldest said that he thought I'd gotten the lazy disease (I nearly choked him), but I sat down with them and explained lupus and the spoon theory with them and I guess that helped all of them.
My middle son turned 12 on Sunday and he got up that morning and said
why didn't I just buy a cake, instead of baking one, so we did and it was delicious.
So thanks, sometimes we just need to have other people tell us off.