Hope you all are doing ok,
This is an update on my visit to my so called rumatologist with my splinter
hemorrhages that she said was a fungus 3 weeks ago, and i went to my pcp and he did a scrap and it came back neg for fungus and said is was
splinter hemorrhages prob due to my lupus.
Well i called my rummys nurse to tell her i went to pcp and the scrape was negative for fungus and told her to make sure she tells my rummy what he said that it was splinter hemorrhages, so 3 weeks ago she put a not on her desk of that info. Well tue march 1st out of the blue i get a call from the southern heart center for an echocardiogram test for today @ 1:30 and I
totaly freaked out! So i called my reumatologist office to ask what was going on she and why hadent they already mentoned something to me about it
as i had already told her of my symptoms for 5 weeks getting weeker, short of breath, severe leg weakness and pain and fever, and my weight melting off to
105lbs and have never been that small, and the splinter hemorrhages now covering 8 of my finger nails and now toe nails too.
And i ask her could the lupus or vasculitis be affecting my heart causeing
ENDOCARDITIS! She at that time tol me no it's a fungus.
When her nurse called me back yesterday I told her what were they doing the echo for and they had gotten me very upset with that out of the blue call
with possible endocarditis on top of everything else im batteling with already
and i totaly broke down and cryed got so upset didnt rember the time or date of test!
She said oh! dr. Harris just wants to check yourvheart out good, I ask who ordered the test and why.
she said my reummy called my pcp that did the nail fungus scrape and he told her he had only saw the splinter in 2 cases and it was paitents with heart involvement of endocarditis and he thought mine was either the lupus or endocarditis.
I didnt know he thought mine was possible endocarditis but he told my rummy that.
Then her nurse tryed to sugar coat is oh! we just want to be safe and ck your
heart out good, I told her this far in the game with all i have going on i do
not want to be left in the dark tell me streight out what you all are thinking and doing as far as my health problems as i have been through so much already, not to be beating around the bush with me , Just tell me the truth.

So i go today for the echo and will probly be a day or so before i get results
and i go to my new neurologist specilaist at the university thur , tomarrow.
Will let you all know the results of the test and visits.
Thank's for letting me vent on rheumatologist that need to go back to school or get in another profession! LOL! NO wonder we stay so sick.LOL!!!

Hug's and Love to all!! Thank's so much to all at WHL! Dont know what
i would do without you all!! Hope you all have a pain free day.~ Diane ~