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    Default Eye issue

    I know medical advice is not to be asked for or given on this forum but I hav a situation that I cannot get resolved anywhere else (my eye doctor and naturopath are both totally stumped) so I come to you for any insights you might have. Here's what is going on:

    Since 12 January 2015 I have 4 "episodes" where an eye will start to water quite a bit, feel like I got shampoo in it and then produce yellowish goo. It then goes into the other eye. By the next morning, the whites of both eyes are completely red- looks like the whites have been filled with red dye. This, each and every time has lasted 72 hours. The first time it happened, I saw my eye doctor right away. He ran a series of tests which showed no infection, no increased eye pressure, nothing out of the ordinary except for the extreme redness and scratchiness. He prescribed an expensive eye drop and steroids. 72 hours later and I was back to normal.. The second time which happened a few weeks later, I called the doc back and ran tests again with the same conclusion. So he believes it to be allergies and suggested a $160/month eye drop. Yeah, no. I tried a homeopathy treatment instead and 72 hours later it was back to normal. The 3rd time a few weeks after that, here I go again! This time I did herbal eye drops and you guessed it-72 hours later all was well. Last night it hit again which probably means sometime Tuesday evening it will clear up. In the meantime, my eyes would be great in a horror movie! I have no vision issues, just extremely red and itchy eyes. I have found absolutely nothing on the Internet and both my eye doc and naturopath are stumped. Lupus related? Hubby seems to think so and I'm inclined to agree with him considering how naughty lupus can be. I've not found any connections to each episode. I've not changed food, drink, or introduced anything new to my home like cleaner and so on. I'm totally gobsmacked. Any thoughts?
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    Hi Ruziska:
    First, let me ask if you've checked side-effects of your medications? You did not mention what medications you are taking, but I would read the side effects of all of them thoroughly to make sure that this is not the culprit.
    There are several ways that Lupus can affect the eyes. One of which sounds a bit like what you are describing. Sckeritis - the white part of the eye, known as the sclera, can become inflamed, causing a yellow discoloration to appear in those areas. Occasionally, scleritis may affect the cornea as well.
    Eye infections can occur with Lupus as the disease causes us to have an increased risk of infections. Also, our medications used to suppress our immune system adds another risk of infection. Infections can occur on the eyelid, on the conjunctiva, or in the inside of the eye (including the anterior or posterior chambers). But, you said that they found no signs of infections, so bacterial infection can also be ruled out. But perhaps you and your doctors can check for corneal ulcers. Finally, check your eye make-up and if this occurs when you wear make up. Also, check your make-up removal products. You may need to discard and/or change the type of make up and make up removal products that you use.
    I do hope that you find an answer and a treatment that will prevent this from recurring. I wish you the best!

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