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Thread: Out of the blue HOT FLASHES and throbbing in my left shoulder blade.

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    Default Out of the blue HOT FLASHES and throbbing in my left shoulder blade.

    Does anyone have problems with hot flashes? These are random and I feel like I am on fire. I break out in a terrible sweat and feel as if I am going to pass out - whether I am standing or sitting. Please help. I had a hysterectomy in 2001. I know what THOSE hot flashes feel like. These are different and they are coming more frequently. HELP!!! Also, I am experiencing a new symptom: throbbing in my left shoulder blade. Mostly when I lie down. I don't know what this could be from. Any suggestions?
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    Since I started menopause in 2006 and was dx with lupus the end of 2007, I don't know which is a hot flash from the change and which is from lupus.
    But when I started having hot flashes, they were like yours, sweat pouring out of me and feeling like I am going to pass out.
    They happened in the beginning 20-30 times a day, luckely today only 4-5 times a day, today I don't have the sweating or the faint feeling anymore. I just get hot and beat red, from the waist up to my face. It's so bad that when I have a flash, people ask me if I have a sunburn.
    As for the pain in my shoulder blade, it is one of my biggest complaints. My shoulder blade is either throbbing with pain or numb, the numbness is not fun either.
    My answer is probably not helping you, but at least you know, you are not alone.

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