hi all

i have not posted as i have not been able to log in. anyway i will introduce myself. i am 46 married nearly 26 years. i have two adult kids adam 25 and sarah 21. i was dx with lupus about 10 years ago. i have had it alot longer looking back, which would explian quite a few things. i have sle . i am in a flare at the moment and got a slipped disc lower back.not working at the moment i have also had ibs. my mum is in hospital after falling and braking her hip. this was after a triple heart bypass. its all been going on. i am not on any meds for lupus but i am on diflofenac for arthritis. i will finish now . if anyone one wants to reply i will be happy to discuss what having lupus is like and enything else. bye for now .take care all sue