I have overlapping lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and my doctor recommends that I go on the injectible version of methotrexate because I'm having a lot of nausea with the pill form. I really really really have issues with needles. I'm ok if someone else is poking me and I close my eyes reallllly tight, but the thought of injecting myself just fills my stomach with knots.

I was just curious if anyone else has had to go on this version of the drug. What kind of side affects did you get?

Also I have no insurance, so if anyone can give me a round about price on it that would help. I've called around, but it seems to be a very hard drug to find as an injectible. And the one place that could order it couldn't give me a price until it was added to their inventory. If its going to cost me something insane I'm not going to bother and my rheumy will just have to figure something else out. :P