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Thread: Does a Lupus rash blanch?

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    Default Does a Lupus rash blanch?

    I have Lupus and my toddler has a crazy rash all over her body and they are trying to figure out what it is, whether it is a lupus rash, an allergy or due to a viral infection. I have heard that a Lupus rash will not blanch...

    She does not have a butterfly rash but has a raised patchy rash all over her body, including little bumps on her ears, trunk, legs, arms - basically everywhere. She does have a rash on her cheeks but her rash looks nothing like mine at all but I am obviously paranoid about her having Lupus as well and am stressing out. Her rash definitely blanches so I just wanted to see if that's possible.

    They are doing bloodwork tomorrow and she is seeing the dermatology/allergy specialist on wednesday thank goodness. I want to make sure I am asking the right questions.
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    Hi Jen! I am so sorry you are going through this. Lupus is hard enough on us but when we have to worry about our children having it is so much worse!

    There is no yes or no answer really. There are rashes that are more common then others but Lupus attacks everyone differently. I personally have about 5 different kinds of rashes that appear for different reasons or at different times of the year. However, there are so many different causes of a rash that you are doing the absolute right thing by having it looked at. Not only do you need to know if it is an issue but you need peace of mind if it isn't. Please keep us posted on what happens. I will be thinking of you!

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    Mari is right lupus presents itself in many ways and differently for each of us good luck in finding and answer Bonita

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    I'll get stuff all over me when the yeast blooms, including raised bumps & welts. Had she been on anti-biotics recently? How 'bout the ole fashioned measles or chicken pox?... Little ones getting anything tears me up. We'll be praying for you both.

    btw, the lupus rash on me just shows up where the sun has been, or the face, sometimes the chest. The yeast while it will do similar, but is more apt to be all over...a
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