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Thread: Purple Hands and Feet- Not from temp

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    Yes! That is it but MUCH darker purple! My 2nd toe on each foot is completely purple when this happens and stays darker all the time now. The rest of my feet and hands look like that picture but, like I said, much more purple! OK, now another thing to add to the list at the next doctors appointment! Oh joy!

    Oh yes, and I have APS too although I am on no meds. My Factor VIII and IX levels are WAY too high and they tell me that my blood is clotting too fast but without insurance no one wants to do much about the stuff they think "can wait"

    Thanks, ya'll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodDog View Post
    Is this what you're talking about tgal?
    This is what I meant, thanks for posting it here( I still don't know how to do that).
    I am with Mari, mine lookes like that, but much darker, a deep purple. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it looks very ugly.

    I may have been dealt a bad hand, but at least I'm still playing with a full deck. ( most of the time anyway).

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    Hi Tgal, I also have the dark purpleish , at times purple redish lace type rash on my feet ,ankles and lower leg's, I guess it's called livedo reticularis, and within the last 7 months or so now my big toes and at times other toes will for no reason turn bluish purple, and have developed numbness in both big toe's. Also feet. And now the purple color is on my knees.
    If i hang my feet down they now will turn very blue, my hands also.My new thing is when i get in the tub with warm water now that turns my toes and top of foot very blue.

    So surley mention it at your next dr' appt. It could be several thing's,
    my list of autoamuine
    diseases is so long some of my dr's say It's the vasculitis , not getting enough blood,or not enough oxygen in the blood, some dr's say my Scleroderma, It could be so many things when you have lupus. And the lupus could have caused an overlap of another autoamuine disease affecting the arteries.
    I took photos of mine and showed my dr. cause of it comming and going so they would
    see what i was talking about, cause when i told them they look at me like i was crazey!LOL!

    I dont have any answer's for you, but I have the same thing going on also, It just seems
    like it's never ending at times with this lupus and it's friend's when all these new problems
    keep popping up.
    Wishing you the best of luck on your dr. appt. Hug's to you!!!!!!!!!!! ~Diane~
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    I use to have this but haven't for awhile and forgot about it. My toes and the outside part of my foot use to turn purple and in between my little toe it would turn black. My doctor told me it was pooling blood also but I think they say that when they don't know what it is. The circulation in my legs is fine but I have painful neuropathy from my ankles down. It hurts to even have a sheet touching my feet at night. It isn't bad during the day but at night it hurts terribly. I need to find something to prop the sheets up a bit so they don't touch my toes.

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    I had the livedo reticulitis last year. It was really bad. I still have some of it on my upper legs and torso, sometimes still on my arms. W/out the lace description, it just sounded like what Mia gets.

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