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    Default Thanks to all

    Thank you to all that replyed to my last post. I've been laid up for a while-fell down my stairs.. So I started applying for social security. They say it could take up to 2 years to get SSI and another 24 months for medicare. I'm on medicade and will loose those benefits when my son turns 18(1.5 yrs from now);
    So I went outside last week in minus 0 degree weather and the tips of my finger nails turned a purpalish red color and my tongue turned white and my speach was slurred. Anyone got any ideas what could of happened? My doc is at a lose...

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    Hi caryak,
    Your welcome from us all at the WHL as we all understand what your going through.
    Refering going outside and the tips of your fingers nails going a purplish red that's the raynauds which goes up your nails plus on the edge of your fingers just underneath the nail, regarding your tongue i do know sjogrens disease can affect your tongue and also different autoimmune disease's but you need to see your specialist about this and regarding speech loss i have that now only through having todds-paralasis after having 2 strokes and if my nerves are really bad and i'm also stressed it can occur.

    All the very best to you Terri & let we know how things go if you see someone about it.xxxx

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    Hi Caryak, I hope you are felling better, Wishing you good luck and and hopely a spedy one on your Medicare & SSI. I also have raynauds & lupus among others and my best guest on the slured speach spell if you were in fereezing weather with the raynauds it attacks your arteries
    and veins causeing them to restrick and naturaly get very small not letting enough blood flow through your arteries,and hand's feet etc, there fore when you go out in very cold weather it naturaly causes your blood vessels and arteries to restrict, becuse of the cold, therefore adding
    to maby more constricting and makeing your arteries very small and not getting enough blood throuth your whole body
    But mainly not enough blood and oxygen to your brain I know with mine will cause more speach problem's not thinking clearley, and my stuttering worse, and loss of word's.
    Becuse your blood also carries oxygen to all the body and vital organs also.
    That would be my best guess, but im not a doctor, just a paitent of lupus, sjogrens, raynuad's , cns vasculitis and etc. And have experenced kinda the same thing when out in cold.
    You also need to see your dr' specialist to let them check you for it , to make sure nothing else
    is going on that may be causeing it. I have loss of words, when talking but its due to my cns vasculitis.
    Wishing you the best of luck on your dr's visit! ~ Diane ~
    ~Where Hope Grow's, Miracle's Blossom~
    (CNS) Vasculitis, Lupus, Neuro-Behcet's, Raynaud's, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Earley M.S., Buerger's Syndrome.

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    Hello caryak,
    How are you feeling now and did you manage to find out what was causing your condition's but mainly the speech defect??

    Hugs Terri x

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