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Thread: I'm back!

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    The seizures are random at the moment. Mostly in my sleep and when I push myself too hard, but I have been trying not to do that. How are you?

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    I am so sorry about the seizures. I too have them and it completely changes your life. Are you on any meds to keep them under control? Isn't it crazy what our brain does all by itself?

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    Ado mate,

    I've been having more of that lately the seizure's happening in my sleep also, pushing yourself does'nt help but the main factor for a fit is actual stress and worry and as soft as it sounds if your nerves are'nt to good that can cause them plus grief off other's winds your head up and bang your off my hubby's seen loads of it happen with me through that reason.
    I had a fit 2wks back in the day and my hubby came back from the shop found bruno crying like mad in the hall and me flat out by the bathroom, he said your head just missed the wall, it really does'nt bother me where i hit myself because over 25yrs i do carry some scars but because of my past experience if anyone says they have them i always feel sorry for them because of what i go through myself.

    I'm just hoping the plaquenil does'nt raise them, as the hospital are working so hard to keep them stabalized at the mo.

    You takecare mate and all my love Terri xxx
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