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Thread: Not the nicest topic relating to 'down below' (sorry) x

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    Default Not the nicest topic relating to 'down below' (sorry) x

    Sorry for the topic but I can't not ask.

    Last week I had an issue with anal bleeding (sorry if that's a bit graphic, trying to not be embarressed here ~lol~) which started after going to the loo and continued on for about three days until I saw the local doctor and he prescribed some suppositories and cream. I'd lose about an eggcup full each time I went to the toilet.
    The doctor checked me for piles but couldn't find any and has decided to refer me to the hospital so am waiting on an appointment for that. He did mention the fact that I'm currently not on any medication for my Lupus (I was only told to restart the Plaq if I felt my facial rash was bad enough after a scare with deposits on the back of my eyes which turned out to be old eye damage) so was wondering if anyone here has had a similar problem? I have no idea if lupus can affect anything down there or not?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi there!

    First off never feel like there is any topic we can't discuss. Lupus affects our entire body and that does include "down there". I have never had an issue with bleeding but I know that Lupus causes all kind of intestinal issues and also, IBS, colitis and tons of other diseases are common in lupus patients. There is actually several threads where we discuss Fibromyalgias and IBS. I will find them and post them here for you. Any kind of bleeding should be taken very seriously. It may be something very small but you don't want to ignore it.

    Below you will find the link to one of the threads where IBS is discussed. There is wonderful information though out the thread but pay special attention to Saysusie's post ( I think it is on page 2 or 3). See if this helps you and, if not, we can find more information!
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    I have those problems so you're not alone. I have sever IBS and GERD (amongst the 2,000 other irritations that go with this stuff). I have to take blood thinners so that is part of my problem but when I get sever IBS, I also lose a great deal of blood. I've had 4 colonoscopies in the past three years. I believe that qualifies for time in hell in some religions (kidding). Today I actally had gas that caused bleeding (talk about too much info!). It's scary, I know. I stopped menstrating at 42 so I'm always pretty clear on where the blood is coming from. It's from acute fissures or small tears in the rectrum. You can take short, warm baths a couple of times a day and it should help a lot. Due to my blood thinners I have to keep a constant vigil on what's bleeding next. Some days it's my sinus cavities, other times one of my cats will accidental get me and I ruin a shirt before I can get to the bandaids. I fell on our ice last week and my son and I had to work double time with the bandaids just so I could sit down on the couch without staining it. You do need to see a gastro doctor just to be sure it's nothing serious but I've learned to fear blood less and less over time. I've thrown it up, passed it, filled up kleenexes and looked like a clumsy kindergartener and yet I'm still here to tell the story.

    But please, do see a doctor. Peace of mind is essential with this disease.

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