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Thread: Two Days in Paradise and Several Changes in Treatment Plan--Long Post

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    When you had you THS, T3 AND T4 tested were you high, mid or low in the normal range. the reason I ended up with an endocrinologist is the even though I was in the normal range my dose of synthyroid wasn't high enough. He doubled my dosage and things got alot better. My hair loss slowed down quite a bit. I'll have my daughter help me upload some pictures.


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    I've been reading a bit on the thyroid lately, and some of the "old-time" docs think that lots of folks are hypo-thyroid, and don't know it because they rely solely on the blood tests. Their opinion is that a basal body temperature should be used for a more accurate diagnosis. Quite a few of them also think that desicated hormone should be used instead of the synthetics. That's what an SLE patient needs, isn't it? More opinions... lolol

    But yeah, TSH, T3, T3, probably liver function and lipids... Seems to me that there's another they do on me... I get mine checked every 6 months or so, since I've got malabsorbtion issues, and don't always get the meds into me that I should.
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    Thanks for the info on the thyroid Toni and jmail.

    My mom emailed me and suggested I ask for a Free T3 and Free T4, in addition to the tests you mention. My mom is hyperthyroid and I have several cousins that are hypo.

    When I looked at the symptoms, I instantly saw myself as hypo. When you have 9/10 listed symptoms, that's a pretty strong indication. I will be calling my primary. Coincidentally, last month I took pictures of what I was leaving in the drain and taking out of my brush so that I could show him, if necessary

    Interesting, also, the links about CVID jmail. I'll have to research that when I get to work.
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