Hello, Just a short introduction... my name is "shadrat", a name chosen only because my cat's name is Shadow. I am so grateful to have found this forum, for there are no local Lupus support groups. I was FINALLY diagnosed in August, though I have lived with many of the symptoms of Lupus for about 8 to 10 years. I began researching the disease and found only a scant group of celebrities who have come forward saying they have the disease, one of which is Michael Jackson, whom I will happily admit that I think is a total freak... but knowing he has Lupus too, it has provided me and others a good laugh when Lupus comes up in conversation... so, allow me to introduce myself in that way, "Oh Great! Now I have something else in common with that freak! Not only are we both 46 year old White Females that enjoy the company of younger males, but we also share Lupus in common! :evil:
Anyway, that's who I am. I've posted the specifics on how I learned of my illness under the newly diagnosed forum index. Nice to meet you all.