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Thread: Turn around refering the plaquenil

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    Lightbulb Turn around refering the plaquenil

    Well my hubby answered the phone this morning while i was still sleeping, from the hospital off the sister telling him to tell me to stop the plaquenil [what a joke] as they'd recieved a letter from my GP that avril my nurse sent him alerting him that the plaquenil can cause me to have seizures more but nothing about him not being able to still put me on it, the sister told my hubby i could go on a steriod and also a tablet as the steroid causes your bones to go brittle.
    Well i phoned avril at work and i told her straight you never told me you was sending a letter to my GP to alert him and she said i have to it's my job but she's not stopping me from going on it as she knows i'll pull myself off it if more seizures occur. Well i phoned the hospital told the sister the whole situation of having my eyes tested and seeing the doctor and the rheumo specialist is doing a letter for my GP to start me straight away as he's recieved the alert letter off my GP and this is why they've phoned today, i've given the sister the fax number to my GP and also had the doctor's send through the eye test report to the sister so the specialist can see it himself and the sister said that would be great and i asked her how long it would take and to ask the specialist if he would put in the letter for my GP to start me straight away and she was going to chat with him but she said give it till friday, that gives the doctor time to write his letter and the receptionist to type it out, then it will get faxed through to your Doctor's so i'm to phone friday now.
    All that i'm hoping now is that my GP does'nt still stick to his gun's and still wants to wait for a second opinion off the eye infirmary, after being told to start me.

    There's one thing i'm not doing though and that's building my hopes up to get shattered again and upset myself.
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