Just wanted to introduce myself. Joined this board a couple of days ago.
I'm 37, female, grew up in Manchester, Britain and Heilbronn, Germany, moved to S.C. (boy was that a bad choice, when your sun-sensitive)18 years ago. Three beautiful sons (14, 12,9). Married for 17 years.
Got diagnosed with lupus in September '05 ( sounds like my dx was pretty quick, compared to most of you) definite on the skin, iffy and we're not sure on the systemic.
Hubby being very supportive (except I think he's looking at me like I'm going around the bend at the moment). My Mum lives in Germany and is freaking out ( her best friend is a medical know-it-all with dire predictions)
Rest of my family and husbands family is clueless. Two best friends are great, they took me out to buy some funky hats last week, since my hair is thinning rapidly. My kids don't know what to think, Mom's on a roller coaster and don't know what to expect one day from another.
I have worked as a substitute teacher for past 5 years, this month my gross income was $25.(at least that pays for one doctors visit). Very active in Boy Scouts (half my life feels like, but hey what else could I do with three boys)
Symptoms so far: started with rash on arms, face and chest, that got really nasty, extreme fatigue ( which equals to filthy house), sleep all the time, pain in knees and ankles, weight loss, weight gain, hair loss, swollen ankles, total irrational moods, lots of fog on brain, stomach pain and ulcers in mouth and throat. (I think that's enough for now)

I think this site is wonderful very informative and supportive!