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Thread: Possibly Lupus?

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    Default Possibly Lupus?

    Hey everyone! I'm a sixteen year old girl and recently, I've been experiencing a few worrisome symtoms. They're on my mind constantly and I fear that I may have Lupus or another connective tissue disorder. I've been having recurrent splinter hemorrhages in my nails, raynaud's syndrome, levido reticulus, and most recently malar rashes (due to stress). These are very recent and I have't had fever, joint pains, or fatigue yet. I feel as though I may be in an early stage. I'm planning on visiting the doctors soon but I feel like I won't be diagnosed yet since autuimmune disorder are difficult to detect. I'm wondering how some of your intial symptoms of Lupus were. Thanks so much! I truly appreciate it and I hope you the best in your journey!

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    Hi Marykay! Welcome to WHL. This is one of those questions that is difficult to answer because lupus and other AI diseases affect each person differently anther d because the symptoms can also be related to other illnesses. What I would suggest you do is start a diary/journal. Keep a list of all of your symptoms. For things like physical changes (rash, raynaud's) take pictures so you can show the doctor. I am going to tell you what we tell everyone; you must be your best advocate. While I hope you do not have any kind of autoimmune disease you do need to find out what is going on with you sooner than later.

    I can't even really tell you how my symptoms started. Looking back I had symptoms long before I ever thought that I was sick. I was really bad before I ever went to a doctor. You are young and I am glad you are going to have everything checked out now.

    Please let us know if you need any help and I look forward to getting to know you!

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill~

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    Hello Marykay,
    Welcome to our lovely family of the WHL and i agree with mari start wrighting your symptoms down and dates so your all prepared.
    The symptoms your showing so far are so like Raynauds and you will get flare rashes off stress, it's the most lethal thing for Lupus if they do find you have it but i do hope for a good while to come you don't suffer joint pains etc.

    Keep well and do as mari as suggested.

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