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Thread: left shoulder pain and left abdimon pain

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    Sorry your in pain, but look at the bright side, its not heart related! How did they determin you have gastropareces, they think I have the same thing, I have to go get a stomach emptying study thursday and I'm scared, I have to drink some radioactive liquid, the last time I had radioactive material injected for a bone scan I ended up in the hospital for days, not sure if that was related or not but none the less I'm still scared.
    Hope you feel better real soon

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    Thank you! I am very thankful it's just gastro. I had to get a stomach emptying test also..I had to eat eggs with radioactive dye in them then they watched to see how fast my stomach was emptying(they didn't taste like anything but made me feel nauseous because my stomach is emptying so slow). You should mention to your doctor that you got sick from the dye before and see if they can give you benadryl or something before the test to counteract it. Hope the test goes well and they can figure out what's going on to get you feeling better soon!
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