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    Default Bruised and swollen hand

    Ok, I don't get this. I was sitting on the couch last night playing video games, and I look down at my hand and I see this red mark forming, no idea why either. Then this morning I wake up to this HUGE mark on the top of my hand, and it REALLY HURTS. I swear to God I did NOT hurt myself, bang myself, at all, I really can't remember doing anything to my hand what so ever, so why the heck did this form?
    I take 10mgs of prednisone and I know it causes thin skin, but does it also make your veins explode too? I've been icing it but I can't use my hand much because it hurts so bad and it's made the rest of my fingers swell too.

    Has this happened to anybody else? I've attached a picture, I hope it works.
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