Hi! I have been reading the site for a few weeks now but have finally decided to sign up! I have been struggling with joint pain, fatigue etc. for some time now (started with knee pain in fall of 2009, had surgery in june 2010 which did not resolve my pain issues.) For the past couple of months I have had widespread joint pain (thumbs, hips, "good" knee), body ache, extreme fatigue and a "flushed" face in addition to my flare up of my bad knee.

All tests keep coming back negative- have had 2 rheum factors, 2 ana, 2 sed rate, a uric acid, etc. My orthopedic surgeon suggested I look into the autoimmune route because there was no "structural" reason why my knee was still swollen. Have an appt. with a rheumy, but it's not until early March! My doc put me on blood pressure meds last week, which she said *might* relieve some of my pain because high BP causes pressure in the joints. (I am not counting on it!)

Any advice on how to get to my appt. without losing my mind!? Not taking any nsaids right now because nothing was working (relafen, motrin, crazy combo of motrin and tylenol). I would just as soon go to sleep like Rip Van Winkle til my appointment, but unfortunately that is not an option!