And I don't mean the mouth and nose ones (tho I do get those too), I mean stomach ulcers. I had my upper endoscopy yesterday. Seems my vomitting, stomach pain, and all that is being caused by a hiatal hernia and a stomachful of tiny ulcers. The dr did a biopsy but I won't get those results until the 23rd, to see if he can figure out what is causing them. It just keeps coming, I finally go the lupus dx after suffering for 7 very long years, and now the dx's just don't stop. Do any of you now or ever had stomach ulcers like this? The description my dh gave me was my stomach is the moon and the ulcers are the craters, there were so many of them in there. No wonder it hurts eh? For now I'm just on a strong heartburn pill, no pain meds for it. I go on vacation on the 12th (actually getting on an airplane bound for CO-I've never flown LOL) and I am so scared it's going to hit again. I had my girls weekend last weekend and when I got back and went to work on Monday, I had to leave two hours later. My whole body has been in pain all week and I want to be able to enjoy my vacation. This SUCKS!!! Anyway, if you have any suggestions (yes I know you aren't drs ) other than diet, which I have changed, I would appreciate it. {{HUG}}