I recently developed a rash on my back that looked like ring worm, I was tested for lyme titer, came back negative, was sent to a dermatologist that took a biopsy and blood work came back + for lupus. I have no other symptoms except this rash that is now starting to cover my body, as places heal it pops up in other spots. I had additional blood work done that I am waiting for results on and another biopsy that I was told my insurance may not cover, I am type 2 diabetic on metformin trying to control this rash with a steroid cream and plequinil (sp) sorry. I love the sun and gardening and being at the shore, I feel like I just got handed a death sentence. I dont understand this ANA thing I see posted. My dermatologist is an a** and told me so matter of fact I thought he was lying. I also am an EMT and I am afraid now to even run on an ambulance.

I need some info, anything that works for this rash??? What is a normal ANA what is considered severe?? what kind of results should I be hoping for with additional bloods for cardiac and kidney functions??? any info would be helpful, I work for 9-1-1 and understand stress can be a trigger for out breaks ????? HELP!!!!!!!