My friend's hubby has been having some problems. He is normally a very healthy guy, but has been getting these colds that are just knocking him on his butt. He also has been getting these sores whenever he gets a cold. She described them as looking like he was burned w/a cigar. They are in his nose, mouth, eyes, and even on his penis. He is losing skin from them also.

He has had tons of bloodwork done, ruled out all the obvious, HIV, herpes, etc... I told her to give me a call and let me know what all they ran. The doctors said that they definitely feel that it is autoimmune, but they don't know what yet. The next time he has a "flare" (doctor's words) they are going to admit him to the hospital and do more testing and biopsy the sores.

Just wondering if any of y'all have any experience w/these types of sores. She said that he is so much pain from them - I can only imagine. Thanks in advance!