I am new and I posted before, but I can't seem to find my post. Anyway, things have been over the top for me. I was in a pretty bad car accident two months ago. Severly herniated disc in neck was first diagnosis. A week after accident I started with severe raynauds dx by neuro and cardiologist. From that point symptoms got worse. I started having pain and extreme weakness in arms and legs. My feet and hands hurt bad. I kept thinking it had to be from neck injury but neuro said no. Finally neuro mentioned my rash on face(buttergfly rash). Went to cardiologist because my heart rate was going crazy and hoping he could figure out the raynauds was something from accident and vascular. He freaked and thought I had torn artery from accident because he had to have doppler to find the pulse in both feet and my heart rate on right arm was 140 over 102 and left side was 102 over 99. He was really worried he even had a surgeon on call and he sent me straight down for a ct of artery. Anyway, it came out fine and he called a friend who was a rheumi and discussed symptoms and then ordered blood tests. They came back ana positive, 1:80 speckled. Other things were off too. Then appt was schedule with Rheumi. Met with her and she ordered much more blood test, urine, and xray. I will meet with her this Wednesday to discuss treatment. That is all she would say. In the meantime I got results from 2 other mri's of spine and they came back that I have 2 tumors in spine so ct was ordered and it came back as well. Neuro not sure what they are so he is speaking with Neuro surgeon and some other doctor to discuss. Oh yeah and they also found 3 bulging discs in my thoracic as well.

Sorry so long winded. I tried to sum it up. But now you may see why I wish someone should jump out and yell YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA!!! Any

Does anyone have any idea what is going on with ME???????? Any thought would truly help because I am losing my mind and feel scared and alone.