Well today was my first appointment for the start of the year to see my Dermatologist.
He asked me how my skin was, i told him the hand cream is still ok and he checked my hands and said your fingers are swollen plus the knuckles but i said i can't use the face cream stopped using that in september it started burning my face and the last time you'd have thought i'd stuck my head in the oven and i told him i'm using Nivea cream and he told me to carry on with that at the moment.
He then asked how i was otherwise, i said i've got sores up both my nostrils now which won't go, my body and joints are murdering me with pain and i'm 42 but feel like i'm carrying a 70 odd year old woman's body and he said yes you will do [ i thought very nice] told him about my gyno trouble and he asked when i'd got to see the Rhuemo specialist i said the end of january, if that ain't cancelled again because i've not seen him since early last year, then he started looking through his notes i said that's the only letter my GP's had and he read out what i've been diagnosed with, which i've stated below and i then said all i want to know if someone will be straight with me and i mentioned the WHL and also my psychiatrist's concern have i got 'LUPUS' and his answer was yes from my blood results, well now it's confirmed everyone.
He then went onto telling me that my auto immune disease is bad and that i've got everything which involves trouble with Lupus, where as with some people it can be just a couple of disease's.
He's looked up plaquenil for me, for when i see the Rheumo specialist with what drugs i take now and if the Rheumo specialist agree's to put me on it, there will be no counter reaction with my other drugs i take.

Walking out of there today and talking for a fare bit, as now helped me regarding what i shall suffer more but the main thing is him stating i have Lupus from the blood results, now it's just sorting out the Rheumo specialist as he does'nt seem so straight forward as my skin specialist.