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    Wink newbie on here

    Hi ime new on here but use another lupus chat room, i have lupus discoid on my scalp and i am plaquenil, ive been diagnosed for 1 year now, i have had to have more blood tests done as my dermy says that my white blood cells are quite low and that my lymphocytes were low too, does anyone know what the norm is for these and also ive just had the combined flu and swine flu jab, will it work for me or will my body attack them as well lol

    sue xx

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    Hi sue
    welcome to WHL
    I can't help you with your question, but I'm sure someone will come along with an answer. Just wanted to say hello


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    Welcome to WHL Sue! We are really glad that you found us. I can't give you the answer to what is normal without knowing what scale the lab that you went to used. If you have a copy of the labs there should several pieces of information on it. There will be your numbers and then further over there will be a range of what is normal followed by (or proceeded by) L if yours is low. If you do not have a copy of the labs then I strongly suggest that you get it soon. This is a difficult disease to deal with and the doctors tend to want to only look at "their" part of it. We must be our own advocate and have copies of all of our records. I have copies of every doctors visit, ER visit (OK, I haven't gotten the last one yet but I will get it), lab report, MRI (report and pictures). I keep them in a folder because I learned early on that to the doctors I am simply a number. I take the file with me to every appointment so no doctor can shrug me off by saying "well we have to wait until I get a copy of ________". I then smile and say "Oh, I have that".

    As for the flu shots they are VERY important to get now. You may feel a bit rough for a couple of days but that is much better then it would be if you got the flu!

    Once again, welcome to WHL! I look forward to meeting you

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