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    I was wondering about how you guys take meds. Here is my problem I get up and take 1 oxy then I am supposed to take 1 zanaflex, 2 plaquanal, 2 immuran, 1 375 aspirin, 1 docyclomine, 20 meq potassium, 2 cymbalta, 1 500 etodalac, and after dinner 2 immuran, 1 zanaflex, 1 docyclomine, 1 50 etoldolac, and bedtime 1 oxy,2 zanaflex,1mg xanax, and occasionally ambien. I also have narco for flare ups as needed and xanax as needed. Here is the problem these have to be taken with food or I get sick bad, but say I eat I light something I can't take them all or I still get sick bad. To make matters worse I have been eating less and less. So, now when do I take them. Are any of you guys on this kind of protocol and if so how do you do it. A special diet? Certain foods that might help? Any hints? On top of this my body depletes potassium and magnesiium so quick they want to raise that dosage, and I think that one is one of the big problems.
    Any opinions appriciated.

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    I am a notorious "bad" eater, having suffered from anorexia for years. So, like you, it is difficult for me to take my meds because I don't like to eat. I find that eating unsalted crackers (sometimes with a little bit of peanut butter to give it more bulk) when taking some of my meds helps a lot. Also, I break my morning and evening routine up..I don't take all of the pills at one time. I often will take 2-3 each 30 minutes to an hour ( with the unsalted crackers and peanut butter). I will do the same with my evening routine. Of course, this means that I am sometimes taking medications all day long, but I don't get sick (or as sick!).
    I hope that this helps, perhaps someone else will come by to give you some more advice. I wish you the very best!

    Peace and Blessings
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