I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 29, I am now 56 up till 8 years ago I mostly managed my disease on my own. The stress of my second marriage break up threw me in to a fit of depression. The Lupus decided to get me then too extreme aches and pain to the point where I could hardly walk down town. I would feel as if there was a huge elastic band around the tops of both my legs dragging me backwards I would have to fight this. It was dreadful I feel I am recovering from this a little bit everyday although sometimes I think I am so well but it only lasts a day at the moment. Then I am back down there. I am trying hard to fight that now. For a long time all the fight had left me, but now I realise that you need to fight or it will be the end of you. The Lupus attacked my liver last year, I was put on prednisolone. This has stemmed the deterioration of my liver and it has gone back to being good. Now it is just a case of pacing myself to try and keep me well.