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Thread: Well, its not my thyroid....sigh

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    Default Well, its not my thyroid....sigh

    I had the thyroid test done to see if, maybe, just maybe, one test will come back showing something. Nope, another "normal". I just wanted to cry. Isn't that weird? Most people would be happy to hear their tests are normal. I just wanted one answer. Just one.

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    I understand how you feel. I remember I was to have an operation when I was in my early twenties and I tried everything to get out of the operation. I even when to my GP and said that if I was pregnant then the operation would harm my baby. He looked at me straight in my eye and said "Linda you are going to have that operation!" Can you believe, I had the pre op medication, I was on the trolly just outside the operation theatre, the surgeon spoke to me, then I turned to the nurse and said I need to go to the toilet. I was going to sneak out somehow. To my shock, she shoved a pan under me and said, "Now go in the pan!" That is when I realised what the problem was, I was worried "What if they don't find anything wrong with me. They will know I am a hypochondriac" I wasn't worried about having the operation at all, I was worried about the doctors not finding anything at all wrong with me and I knew deep down that I was sick and there was no evidence that I was sick in all the tests I had. Well as it ended up, They did find out that I was really sick, and they had the evidence.

    So the moral of my little illustration is: I stressed out needlessly, I knew I was sick, and the doctors kept persisting until they found out what was wrong with me.
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    Normal thyroid test results don't always mean that somethings not wrong. Mine where in the normal range for years yet the fatigue was overwhelming until I saw an endocrenologist. Then I got answers.


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    I know exactly how frustrated you are! You don't want to be sick yet you already know you are and you just want them to figure out why! Just keep pushing the doctors. make them listen. You will get your answers and we will be here until then.

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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