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Thread: Candida??

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    Default Candida??

    My head has been stuck in the sand far too long and it's time I start helping myself feel better. I just recently started going back to doctors after terrible experiences with my HMO which I no longer have!

    I followed a link from somewhere here that led to an article explaining auto-immune diseases and what happens to our body. In it there was a home test for Candida that mentioned spitting in a glass of water first thing in the morning and looking at it every 15 minutes to see if there were strings coming down from the saliva. According to the article the faster the strings and the more there were the worse the Candida. My strings came immediately and there were a lot of them.

    Now, is this junk science or something I should mention to my doctor? The last thing I want is to be confirmed a kook, let them work for that one. LOL I want to stay mainstream and not get sidetracked into unproven or questionable territory. Over 20 years ago I was poisoned by an OTC supplement and lost my confidence in the health food industry and non-FDA approved treatments. I know, we could debate this, but I don't want to. TIA

    I have pictures of some of the rashes I get. Is there a place on this forum to post them? I would like to get feedback on whether or not they look like lupus rashes. Thanks.

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    Hi Gooddog!

    I don't know about the spitting in a cup thing but I know I get it ALL the time and it shows up as thrush. I used to think thrush was the thing that babies got and then I got sick and now I keep meds on hand for it. I too stay away from non FDA approved things but more because I am on so many meds that I never know what will mess with them.

    As for the pictures, you can add pictures in any post you make. When you reply to this post look at the bottom of the box you are typing in and you will see a button that says " Go Advanced" click on that and it will take you to an area that allows much more then a basic message. You can change fonts, colors, add links, add pictures and much more. To add a picture simply click on the square with the tree in it (next to the envelope) if the picture is at a place like photobucket or click on the paperclip if it is on your computer. Attach the picture if you are using the paperclip or insert the URL if you are using an online photo place. Once you are finished simply submit the reply and you should be good to go.

    If you have any trouble let me know and I can help you fix it.

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